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2005-02-24 - 7:44 p.m.

south beach... before i get to this entry's book review, i'll do a quick update. tomorrow the warden, i mean steve, comes home from florida. he's been getting wasted for a solid week, so i hope he's ready to settle down and be a nice boyfriend. that's so weird how his family just gets wasted together. maybe it's not weird, maybe families do that together all the time, but it's weird to me. i mean, i would never get drunk in front of my folks and they don't drink at all. but his folks just think it's cool. took a couple of tests last week, and i finally got on back. i got a 96 on my business law test and the prof is curving that so i should wind up with about a 106. i got the best grade in the class. that's pretty cool because i think college is a lot more competitive than it was when i went the first time. i have been so much more impressed when i've seen what people do for oral reports and the questions they ask in class. but i'm holding my own, gradewise. i'd like to think i'm just as smart if not smarter than these other students, but maybe i just know how to work the system better. either way, i know how to kick ass on a test. got one coming up on tuesday in physical geography if it doesn't get snowed out. otherwise it's thursd

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